Floorotex Temporary Floor Protection Pad


Available at Promaster Floors – Floorotex Temporary Floor Protection Pad. Protect your floors with a reusable, waterproof, 2 mm thick nonwoven material that protects the floor against scratches and imprints.

albert floorotex is a slightly adherent mat with a breathable protective film. It is suitable for the temporary protection of parquet, hardwood, laminate, and ceramic floors as well as carpets. The 2 mm thick nonwoven material protects the floor against scratches and imprints. The underside contains a special adhesive which prevents the nonwoven material from slipping.The top blue surface protects the floor against spillage. Residual moisture remaining on the flooring can nevertheless escape through the membrane (Gortex-effect). http://www.floorotex.com

Floorotex RollTemporary stair protection


40″ x 84′ = 280 sq.ft

  • Waterproof – but still breathable – water
    can not go through and underlying moisture does not
    get trapped.
  • Protects –  against scratches and other damage.
    Anti-skid – mat cannot slip – no need for any tape at
    the sides.
  • Very strong material – does not tear.
  • Reusable – can be used several times.

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Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions40 × 6 × 6 in